About Us

Suzie Project has been inspired by Suzie.

A sweet, gentle German Shepherd that was abandoned and eventually rehomed. She brought so much joy to her adopters and the kids in the nearby school.  Unfortunetly, pet dogs like Suzie are not an anomaly. In fact, in Bangalore a minimum of 5 pet dogs are either abandoned on the street or given up by their families to a shelter every single day.

Most times, people/families give up or abandon their pet dogs not because they are bad humans but because it was a decision made in haste or without completely understanding the amount of effort,time,money that is required to be responsible for a dog that is completely dependant on the human for the rest of their doggy life.

We, at Suzie Project, truly believe that  a well thought through and researched decision before going out to bring a pet dog home, could itself,  bring down the heart-breaking number of pet dogs being abandoned/given up every day.  

Suzie Project was created to bring awareness as to how important and imperative it is  engage in Responsible Pet Adoption through  PAWS. THINK. ACT

 PAWS ( If you/family member have been thinking about getting a pet dog home, do Pause and ruminate over it for few weeks)

 THINK ( Is this the right time to get a pet home? Are you prepared to be responsible for a life for the next 15 years? Do you fully understand the amount of time/effort/money that would be required to be responsible for this pet dog?)

 ACT  (If you are not confident about bringing a pet dog home, then wait it out! If you do think that you are ready for a pet dog then do your research as to which age group works the best for your family and look up in our “Meet the Dog” section to find the best match.)

 We also believe that one should look at re-homing a dog than buying one from a breeder. To make the process simpler for people planning to get a pet dog home, we have created “Meet the Dog” module where most dogs that are up for re-homing in Bangalore can be seen on a single page. We have dogs here that are up for adoption from Shelters like CARE, Precious Paws Foundation and lot of individual foster/rescuers.

We do hope that you will PAWS.THINK.ACT when you/family member wants to get a Pet Dog home.




Priti Ganatra, a creative, a seeker of better holistic living, a photographer, a animal lover who for most part of her life lived on the periphery of the animal space but all that changed when Oscar (pet dog) entered her life. She truly believes that he awakened a part of her heart that she did not even know existed.

She started working in the animal space for awhile in a small way and in the process got to know about how rampantly pet dogs were being abandoned in Bangalore. During that time she was also lucky to have been exposed to a whole system of individuals/shelters who are actively involved in rescuing/fostering/rehoming these pet dogs that were given up. Even though they were and continue to do an excellent job of it , it is an overwhelming and a seemingly uphill task. Since for every dog that gets re-homed there are few more that are abandoned.

This is when it dawned on Priti that maybe someone also needs to work from the other end of this problem,maybe it needs a two pronged approach. One that already existed - taking care of dogs that were given up and the second aspect should be a preventive measure.

 This was basis on which Suzie Project was created. The second prong would be to create awareness about responsible pet parenting. Help people be cognizant about the fact that along with the immense joy and love that a dog brings to your life there is also a lot of work,time,money involved in being responsible for this dog for the rest of their life.



If you are a shelter/Foster who wants to list their dogs here on the website then please do get in touch with us at: