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Black LabbyBlack Labby

5 years 6 months
Living with children
I live well with babies and toddlers
Living with dogs
I Can Live With Other Dogs
Living with cats
My human's don't know yet
Living with Senior Citizen
I do well with Senior Citizens around
Living in Home
I do well in an apartment but if you have garden space/terrace space then Yaay
Alai (Ph:- 9886579482))

More About Black Labby

This Labrador , unlike most labradors, is very calm dog. Gels well with any dog and is calm with humans. Does not jump around or bark too much. Usually she is happy being to herself and her indulgence is food, she loves to eat.  She has a slight age relatedd joint issue in one of her hind legs, this does not hinder her quality of life in any way.  She is perfect for a family that wants all the love that a dog gives while it is non-destructive and calm.