Sandy's Story

I was on the street with open wounds infested with maggots until a driver for a family in a bungalow found me and took me with him. Seeing that I had wounds, dog rescuer Antorleena took me to a vet where I received treatment and healed.

Things changed for me again when the driver who had cared for me left the job and moved away. He could not take me with him. I was left to survive on the scraps I could find. The wounds opened up again. Fortunately, Antorleena had not forgotten me. She found me a home at Precious Paws Foundation, an NGO off Kanakapura Road.

Here, I received all the medical care I needed. I even had a surgery for a growth on my abdomen. After the surgery I became healthier. I was sterilized and vaccinated. For the first time since I could remember, I started making other canine friends at the shelter. I had always been a loner up until then, but finally I could be playful and have fun.

I was eventually adopted by Chetan and his wonderful family who made me the center of their lives. In them I found the human family I had longed for my whole life.

*Sadly, Sandy fell ill after a year of being adopted and succumbed to his illness. He was surrounded by people who loved him immensely.

  • This is Antorleena with her gang of dogs
  • These are the wonderful  Debeleena (to your Left) and Vani
  • My lovely family which is my love and life
  • This is "handsome" me, lazing at home