You want to get a dog home? Before you finalize on that please do take a minute to ask yourself the questions listed below. This will help you better understand if "right now"is the right time to get home a dog! Click on the images below:

If at any point you thought you didn’t have an answer to one or many of the above mentioned questions then maybe you need to explore the probable solutions to those questions. And if you don’t have a solution then maybe right now is not a good time to have a dog or maybe you just need to wait it out a bit more till you are at that point and space in life where you and your family are ready to give all the attention, love and care that the dog rightly deserves.

Untill then don’t lose heart, you can still immerse yourself in all the unconditional love that they have to give by:

  • Doggy-sitting your friend’s/relative’s dog when they travel
  • Fostering a dog for a limited time frame (Register for fostering here)
  • Visiting animal shelters to spend time with the dogs and maybe also passive adopting one or many. (go to for more information) 

Whatever you finally decide please ensure its a well researched and a well informed decision. That is the least that you can do for yourself, your family and the dog!