Tintin's story

Rahul Das saved my life. As a six-month old Labrador puppy, I should have been a happy fellow with a loving family. But I was on the street, gaunt and weak from malnourishment with an ugly skin infection.

Rahul was under self-imposed house arrest to avoid all distractions, as he prepared for the grueling CA exam. But when he found me, he made an exception and took me home. His friend Devjeet fostered me for three months and nursed me back to health.

I found my family with Sumana Dey and her husband who adopted me and spoil me rotten every day. My early malnourishment means that I will never reach the average height for my breed. But I've come a long way thanks to my human friends, and I'm a happy dog!

  • I was roaming these streets when I was abandoned
  • I was so scared and hungry all the time, on the street
  • This is Rahul Das, my rescuer
  • I love these two hoomans and that cycle, we are a family